Meet Sandy Abdelrahman

Sandy is a creative entrepreneur and a filmmaker, she's the founder of Skaped a social enterprise that encourages young people to engage with their human rights through creative arts workshops and event. Our vision at Skaped is to raise awareness of human rights to the future generations and allow them to be involve in social and political matters around the world, but more importantly what’s happening on their doorstep.

Sandy Abdelrahman



#Skaped is a grassroots project that uses creativity to explore Human Rights. I address this important issue because as a child growing up in Egypt I witnessed people being denied the most basic rights. Social Ark believed in me, and supported me to shape #Skaped. Social Ark is my community family, we all work together and help one another to take that next step. The team care about every member, they understand and respect our individual life stories and the importance of how we can use our lived experiences to help the wider community
— Sandy