As well as our incredible team of staff, we rely on volunteers to help us achieve our mission. We are looking for volunteers from all backgrounds to get involved with us.                  Some of the areas of support we need include:

  • Supporting our Social Ark core team with expert skills (social media, creative blog writing, graphic design, finance, marketing, fundraising etc) 
  • Mentoring a young person: The young people that go through our programme are matched with a corporate mentor and a specialist mentor in their chosen field. As a mentor, you will have skills, empathy and work experience which enable you to build a trusted relationship with your mentee, and provide them with a range of support.
  • Inspirational volunteers: Grassroots social entrepreneurs are dedicated and full of passion. The social entrepreneurial journey isn’t the easiest. We are looking for individuals with powerful entrepreneurial and life stories to tell our young people, especially when they focus on values, learning from failure and overcoming challenges. 
  • Expert facilitators: We are looking for experts to support us deliver our programme. If you have expertise in a particular field E.g. Finance, Marketing, Social Media, Strategy, Business Planning, Governance, Pitching/Presentation, Coaching, Fundraising, and would like to give back by facilitating a workshop for our young entrepreneurs, then we'd love to hear from you.

           To find out more please see the  Volunteer Job Description and to apply please complete the Volunteer application form and send it to info@socialarkcic.co.uk

           If you need any help filling out the application form or would like to discuss volunteering with us over the phone, please give us a ring on 07399523234