We help disadvantaged young people to bring their start up ideas to life

Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds face a wide range of barriers to entrepreneurship. Through our Step Up programme, we support marginalised young people to use their lived experiences to set up social businesses in their local communities.


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Our Entrepreneurs

Megan Kavanagh
Floristry Workshops

Megan has followed her passion and is now a social enterprise florist providing professional services. She also runs inclusive workshops empowering mothers and woman through creative floristry. 

Nelsandro Farmhouse
Sandro’s Cakery

Nelson’s love for baking and cake decorating started when he lost his job. He is determined to create a sustainable business while following his passion. Nelson supplies unique one off designs, he’s a celebrity cake maker and also runs creative baking workshops.

Sandy Abdelrahman

Sandy is the founder of Skaped, a social enterprise that encourages young people to engage with their human rights through creative arts. Skaped is on a mission to raise awareness of human rights to the future generation and encourage them to get involved in social and political matters around the world, but more importantly, what’s happening on their doorsteps!

Moses Adeyemi
The Silver Line Project

Moses is passionate about fitness and mental wellbeing, and developed and The Silver Line Project, a specialist wellbeing programme aimed at empowering people from hard to reach backgrounds. Moses also delivers community fitness activities, he’s the founder of ITrainerFitness, and runs corporate wellbeing workshops. 

How do I apply?

The deadline for our 2018 cohort has now closed...


However, if you are a young person who wants to create change in your local community and have an idea for social business, we would love to hear from you. To register your interest in being part of our 2019 cohort, please click below!